Killer List of Video Games

A detailed list of almost all arcade games and microcomputer games from the golden eighties (and later years).

The Video Arcade Preservation Society

A site dedicated to the video arcade games history and preservation. You can become a member and even make a donation.

Play arcade games online

Yes, you can play arcade games online, in java.

Retroland: Retropedia: Arcade Games of the 80s

A very interesting website about arcade games from the eighties.

Twin Galaxies

You think you've got a really high score on some arcade game ? This is the place to look for certified world records of arcade games. You can also submit your own record, but the submission procedure is very strict. You need to videotape your entire gameplay, from the first screen loading to the final screen showing the high-score table with the player's initials.

Classical arcade games

Some classic arcade games information.

The game archive

Information on video games and pinballs.


Information on PacMan, Ms PacMan, other arcade games, and flippers.